Tor.Ma in Dub

Dubmission - UK, Catalyst – Mexico, Kupuri - Mexico

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…And then, the bass and the echoes became my life. 

It has been 9 year since i started vibrating on this Project. I was before more on the Goa and Progressive side of trance, but then i realice that i enjoy as a mad man producing and performing Dub music for the audience and myself, even if its a small party or a huge festival… i love the feeling and love that flows in the dancefloor.

I had played in bars, private pool parties and a lot of times at a friend’s house just becouse we like to party!…. But also i had rumble floors like Boom (Portugal), Hadra (France), Vuuv (Germany), Enchanted Forest (USA) , Cosmic Convergence (Guatemala) Voltron (Turkey) MoDem (Croatia), Vibronica (Ukraine), SUN Fest (Hungary), WAO (Italy), Tribal Gathering (Panama), Ometeotl (Mexico), Kupuri (Mexico), Time and Space (Mexico), Zelebra (Mexico)… almost all around Mexico. I love to perfom anywhere!

Right now, i just released my 5th album, and released under Dubmission recs, and that makes me really happy and excited to present more new music to the cosmic family.

The sound and the vibe it’s the right one to have a great time, dancing and tripping. the twisted sounds, the groove and the bass lines, its a combination that makes you move your booty, shake your mind and put a smile on your face.

It’s like old school roots steppa dub with a psychedelic pinch.




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